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Hi! I'm Italo Menezes!

I'm a software developer that loves building products and applications that have an impact on people's lives.

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About me

React Native

I am a software developer with a career of more than 8 years. My journey began by exploring diverse technologies and platforms, and over the years, I have focused on web and mobile development, with an emphasis on React Native, ReactJS, NextJS, and this ecosystem. During my initial years, I worked as a MEAN Stack developer, contributing to comprehensive projects that varied in complexity and scalability. My passion is deeply rooted in frontend and mobile development, where my expertise spans Javascript, Typescript, state management, REST and GraphQL concepts, Firebase, a touch of Flutter, and much more. I also enjoy backend with NodeJS.

I hold a degree in Internet Systems. Currently, I am dedicated to deepening my understanding of programming design patterns and rendering strategies, with the aim of further enhancing my skills. I'm also learning AI.

To ensure quality and efficient collaboration, I adhere to version control practices such as Git Flow on Github, and I have experience with agile methodologies and automated testing.

In summary, my ongoing pursuit of growth drives me to embrace innovative challenges and continue evolving as a professional. I am passionate about coding, relish a good cup of coffee, and remain endlessly curious about the Javascript ecosystem. I am always prepared to tackle new challenges and keep progressing!


These are some of my last experiences. To see more, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

Mobile | Software Engineer @ Cheesecake Labs

August 2021 - today (3 years)

I work as a fullstack developer on diverse apps, spanning mobile (React Native and Flutter), web (ReactJS and NextJS), and backend (NodeJS). I use Typescript and state management tech. My tasks encompass adding features, design coherence with Figma, integration, automated testing, and IoT, adhering to best practices. We follow agile methodology with daily meetings, in a fully remote setup. For version control, we use Github, following Git Flow or Github Flow based on the project's needs.

React Native | Software Engineer @ AMcom

October 2020 - July 2021 (10 months)

I worked as a Mobile Developer, contributing to various app creations, with a highlight on one tailored for the agribusiness sector. I used React Native, Typescript, Firebase, RealmDB, and implemented offline-first and Bluetooth concepts. My tasks included adding features and backend integration, following an agile methodology with daily remote meetings. We adopted Git Flow with Azure Git, ensuring quality through Sonar and ESLint.

Full Stack | React Native Developer @ Glad Social

February 2020 - November 2020 (10 months)

(Formerly Buky) As a Full Stack Developer, I contributed to crafting apps for service providers and clients. I utilized React Native, Monorepo, microservices, NodeJS, and Typescript. My tasks encompassed adding new features, aligning with design using Figma, and backend integration. We developed apps featuring scheduling, real-time location, chat, and social profile elements. We followed an agile methodology with daily meetings and employed Git Flow on Github.


These are a few highlighted projects. To see more, you can check my Github profile.

Restaurants Finder

May 2021

A React-Native app for experimenting with the use of SWR and cache, and applying some concepts around Atomic Design.

Cabe no Meu Bolso

December 2019

My first app published on the Play Store. Its idea is to help purchases that need to follow a fixed budget. For example, given a shopping list, I can spend $ 400. At the time of purchase, I need to do the math to ensure that the total does not exceed that amount. In addition, I need to know if I can place more items or larger quantities of a particular item. This idea came from a personal need, and I thought that it could help some people who can go through this too. Built with React Native, Redux, Styled Components, RealmDB, and other technologies from this ecosystem.